The Top 10 Real Estate Developers in Abu Dhabi

The Top 10 Real Estate Developers in the Abu Dhabi

UAE is known as a global destination when it comes to innovative real estate developments. Be it the world’s largest building, Burj Khalifa, or iconic Palm Jumeirah, the players in the real estate market have immensely raised the bar to achieve great success and name. In this blog, we have featured the top 10 Real Estate developers in Abu Dhabi, UAE, who took iconic projects attracting global investors.


Top 10 Real Estate Developers in Abu Dhabi

From Aldar Property to Emaar, Here are some of the notable names in the Abu Dhabi real estate market influencing industrial growth drastically through popular projects:


  1. Emaar:

    Emaar Properties is one of the most famous developers in the UAE. They have constructed some of Dubai’s most iconic landmarks like Burj Khalifa, the spectacular world’s tallest building, as well as the Dubai Mall, one of the known and largest shopping malls globally. It is known for setting new standards and delivering premium experiences.

  2. Damac:

    Damac Properties is quite a popular player in UAE and is trusted for its luxury residential and commercial projects. One of their popular projects is the Damac Hills golf community.

  3. Nakheel:

    Nakheel has become a renowned real estate developer in the UAE with its great projects that have reshaped Dubai’s coastline. One of the popular projects of Nakheel is Palm Jumeirah.

  4. Aldar:

    Aldar Property is a leading real estate player in Abu Dhabi, popularly known for Al Raha Beach. Aldar Property has built projects like Yas Island, which have put it on the global map. It offers various projects ranging from commercial, community, residential, and mixed-use constructions to cater to diverse consumers. Aldar Property has quite a great reputation due to its successful projects. If you are planning to buy property in Abu Dhabi, you can definitely choose Aldar Property for its amazing offerings in the best localities in Abu Dhabi.

  5. Dubai Properties Group:

    Another top real estate player in the list is Dubai Properties Group which has heavily invested its money and efforts in building notable commercial properties in the city like Jumeirah Beach Residencies and Business Bay. They have till now undertaken 100+ successful projects.

  6. SOBHA Realty:

    Sobha Realty is the top real estate developer in the UAE, with a market capitalization of $3.5 billion. It is known for its construction quality and luxurious offerings across residential and commercial segments.

  7. Azizi Developments:

    Azizi is one of the known real estate players in the UAE market, offering affordable luxury and ultra-premium options across commercial and residential projects. It has quite a strong reputation in the UAE market.

  8. Deeyar:

    It is known for developing some of the notable real estate projects in UAE, such as Dubai Silicon Oasis, Al Barsha Heights, Dubai Marina, etc. It is one of the popular players in the UAE real estate ecosystem.

  9. Omiyat:

    It is known for its development projects across the Gulf Region, which focuses on commercial, residential, and hospitality projects with premium experience.

  10. Nshama:

    It is leading the way into future prospects of real estate developments, keeping sustainability in mind. They are focusing on building world-class communities in the UAE.


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