Arab Tik-Tok: Some of the Biggest Arab Creators on Tik-Tok

Arab tiktokers

The digital age has brought with it an abundance of opportunities, particularly in the realm of social media. Among the heavy hitters in this sphere is TikTok, a platform known for its bite-sized video content that’s made waves globally. While the app hosts creators from a multitude of backgrounds and cultures, Arab creators on Tik-Tok have particularly captured the attention of many with their distinctive charm, humor, and captivating tales.


A Dive into the World of Prominent Arab TikTokers



Kareem Hasri, better known as Keemokazi, stands as one of the platform’s giants. With 23 million followers, his comical pranks, especially those featuring his mother’s lively reactions, are a hit. His blend of humor and music, embracing his Syrian heritage, truly sets him apart.


Hasri Family Business

His father, Randi Hesri, is known to be a prominent luxury car dealer, offering insights into impressive collection of luxury automobiles. Sharing the limelight with him is his mother, Nermin (Nina) Hazem, an influencer who frequently graces his video content.


Arabic McLovin: 

This Palestinian-American TikToker, with an impressive 1.2 million followers, delves into humor with skits and pranks. His unique take on Arab-American identity resonates, especially when he addresses stereotypes and showcases the vibrancy of Middle Eastern culture.


Mai’s Vault: 

Mai, an Egyptian-American comedian, is winning hearts with her 1.6 million-strong following, thanks in part to her hilarious pranks featuring her mother, the proclaimed “Arab Mother of Tik-Tok.” Her comedic ventures extend beyond the app, with live shows in major cities worldwide.



Representing Syria, Saif has amassed a following of over 4.1 million. With content ranging from traditional Arab desserts to the captivating Levantine dance, Dabke, he’s an eclectic creator who also uses his platform to highlight pressing political issues in the Arab world.


Bake My Day Mimo: 

Mimo, a Lebanese-American residing in Michigan, beautifully merges her love for cake decorating with tales of her Arab-American upbringing. With over 3.5 million followers, her combination of artistry and relatable anecdotes has cemented her place as a TikTok favorite.


The Golden Balance: 

Ahmad Alzahabi, boasting a whopping 4.8 million followers, showcases his culinary prowess on the app. His diverse menu, with traditional Arab delicacies and innovative fusion dishes, has made him a household name, especially with his signature sign-off, “and now Bismillah.”


The Rise of Arab Female YouTubers


While the aforementioned TikTokers have made significant waves, it’s essential to note the influence of Arab female creators on platforms like YouTube. A standout is Noor Stars, a Middle Eastern sensation with over 20 million subscribers. Her eclectic mix of content, ranging from vlogs to beauty tutorials, has garnered her a nomination for the People’s Choice Award for the best Middle Eastern social media star. With collaborations with significant figures like David Dobrik, she continues to be a dominant force in the digital space.




The Arab TikTokers mentioned above, along with countless others, have carved a niche for themselves in a saturated digital world. Through their creativity, humor, and the authenticity of embracing their roots, they’ve ensured that the narrative of Arab creators on Tik-Tok isn’t just heard but celebrated. For those yet to explore this realm, these creators undoubtedly offer a delightful starting point.



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